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Creativity is never consistent. Some days, you have an abundance of inspiration, and other days, no matter what you try, the outcome is bland, boring, or predictable. Inventiveness in the kitchen is a gift that benefits everyone in the home, but how can you unleash those creative powers when you want to impress? Here are five simple steps to get you there: 

  1. Get Kitchen Equipment That Inspires Confidence

A good worker never blames the tools, but poor kitchenware certainly does detract from the ease and fun of cooking. As it turns out, the best induction cookware doesn’t only give you a safer and more enjoyable experience in the kitchen, it inspires creativity because you have less to worry about. There’s no forgetting you left the stove on and risking fires in the kitchen since induction stoves deal with such mistakes automatically, never overheating. 

The parts of the brain responsible for creativity become active when we feel safe. Experimentation and playful approaches that lead to the most incredibly delicious creations require you to feel comfortable and at ease.  

  1. Brush Up on Your Knowledge

Inspiration can come from expanding your knowledge. Try an exotic cooking course and immerse yourself in something completely new and different. Explore Japanese cooking, Indian cuisine, or try your hand at French cooking. Creativity often comes after you learn the rules, master them, and then throw the rulebook out the window and create something fresh by playing with your newly acquired knowledge. Adapt it, experiment with it, and combine new ideas with old ones until you find something that works. 

  1. Cook for Pleasure

When there’s no pressure to achieve a particular outcome, things work better and creativity feels natural. Think about a time in the past when you tried to impress someone with a recipe you knew how to cook well, but it simply didn’t work out. Now, think about all the times you cooked for yourself and your meal was a masterpiece. 

When you take away the pressure and the goal of achieving perfect outcomes, you naturally create something better. Set aside time for experimenting without expectations. Cook purely for the joy of working with food, and see how the experience transforms. 

  1. Visit Farmer’s Markets for Top-Grade Ingredients

There’s nothing like fresh local produce. When you visit farmer’s markets, the ingredients are straight from the farm and have bypassed a large part of the transportation and storage process they’d otherwise go through. The quality of the ingredients is much greater when it’s fresh and locally sourced. As a bonus, it’s also more affordable. Supporting farmers is better for the environment and for your local economy, so there are wins to be shared all around. 

  1. Find the Ideal Mindset

There are two mindsets when it comes to being creative. One is the carefree mindset that throws caution to the wind. The other is a self-critical attitude. The latter is the one that wants everything to be perfect, neat, and impressive. 

When the second mindset is engaged, it’s difficult to be creative. As soon as you try a recipe, your inner critic will shoot down your inspiration, afraid of risks, failures, and mistakes. When you engage the first mindset and throw caution to the wind, however, you move out of your head and into your heart – the place from which creativity flows. 

Make It Joyful 

Have fun in the kitchen. Get messy. Be impulsive. Throw in extra cream or double down on the butter. Make it deliciously enjoyable. That way, you’ll enjoy the process more, and the outcomes too.

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