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Its started about thirteen years ago. I went to bed one night. Nothing unusual.Sometime after midnight I woke up unable to breathe. And when I say unable to breathe then I mean just that. Nothing in or out. Panic set in. Then the fear. I was completely unable to breathe, and I thought I was about to die. At this stage I was no longer in my bedroom. I had run out of my bedroom and was now in front of my television in an adjoining room. I was alone and I was about to die.

Then what felt like an act of super human strength I managed to breathe out. My lungs were already empty, but I managed to get the little air in there out. Then I got a little air back in. And then a little more. Finally I was breathing normally and was thankful that I did not die after all. I was very shaken up, but the only after effect was a burning throat. After that I did not dare to sleep the rest of the night.

Soon after that night I went to my doctor, he looked at my throat and declared that he could see nothing wrong with me….The same thing happened a few more time in the following months. In time I learned to control the fear and stay calm. I also had to work out for myself what the problem was. The burning sensation that I would feel after each episode had to be stomach acid. So basically what was happening was the following. I was having gastric reflux. The acid would come up and once it touched the valve that let air in to the lungs, it would just shut closed. Very simple, but also terrifying. At the same time I was also experiencing regular bouts of heartburn. Many years of junk food had finally taken its toll.

I found that I could prevent the acid reflux by drinking Bicarb and water before going to bed. I also made sure that I only slept on my stomach. This was not a great reality to live with. So we decided as a family to eat healthier. First we cut sugar out of our diet, and then wheat and now finally all grains. And I am happy to say that the heartburn and acid reflux is a thing of the past. Another bonus was that I had lost about 5kg with the weight slowly coming down further.

Then earlier this week I had a moment of weakness. I ate cake and lollies. That same night at 3am the reflux was back. So I had some bicarb and resumed my no sugar, no grains diet. Problem solved once again. This is a reminder that the Paleo diet is not the evil that the dieticians want us to believe. The reality is that it is in fact real food as we were meant to have it all along. So I can say to the dieticians who are so scathing about our diet. Return your degree or diploma or whatever you have and ask for a refund. The modern food pyramid is based on flawed pseudo science that is designed to justify the poison sold by corporations as food. I no longer want processed food in my life…