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A smoothie is not just a mixture of fruits and veggies; it is a power-packed breakfast with maximum nutrition. However, you need to know how to blend it, what to add to make it extra nutritious and gain the best out of it. If you are doing it in the wrong way, it can lead to weight gain. So, be careful while choosing ingredients for a perfect, healthy smoothie. To solve your confusion and to guide you rightly, we have suggested a few tips and tricks for healthy and nice-looking smoothies. This nutrition-loaded smoothie could be your go-to breakfast or a quick afternoon lunch. Follow these simple tips and enjoy a delicious yet healthy smoothie for yourself.

Equipment & Ingredients For Make Smoothie

  • The right equipment (good quality blender) 

If you are using your regular mixie for making smoothies, then it might turn out to be a bit flaky. Invest in a good quality blender. There are loads of reasonable and excellent-quality options available on the internet. Follow your favourite food blogger for excellent suggestions. A standard blender will serve the purpose in the meantime but avoid using a mixer. 

  • Choose a liquid base (dairy or non-dairy) 

Your smoothie should contain at least 2 cups of a liquid. Dairy-friendly people can pick up milk. Whereas dairy-intolerants can choose soy milk or almond milk. Yoghurt is another better option for adding consistency to your smoothie. Coconut water or coconut milk is another great alternative which is not widely used by people. Make sure you add the liquid to the blender before adding fruits or veggies. 

  • Fruits are the must-haves in a smoothie 

Yes, fruits such as berries, apples, bananas, mangoes, pineapples are a significant component in a smoothie. But make sure you freeze them to retain their nutritional content and avoid adding ice to the blender. If you are strict on time, then prefer buying frozen berries or other fruits from the local grocery store. Whole foods are better as compared to the fruit juice which is low in calories. As fruits contain substantial fibre, you tend to be less hungry after relishing on a delicious smoothie. 

  • Don’t miss out the veggies – they are should-haves in a smoothie 

Leafy greens like kale and spinach can add higher nutritional value to your smoothie. Also, these veggies blend perfectly with the fruits and the liquid base. Since a smoothie brilliantly hides veggies, kids can also enjoy this healthy beverage without any grudges. As the fruits have more shadow in the form of tangy taste and flavour, you will never know that your least favourite lettuce is present in the drink. 

  • Skip the unhealthy fat but add healthy ones 

Do not add sugar or high-fat cream to the smoothie. But don’t miss the healthy fats and the valuable sources of Omega-3. Flaxseeds, avocados and peanut butter add higher nutritional value that you had imagined to make your smoothie lavishly healthy. But make sure you add a little of this vital ingredient and not make it a diet fiasco. A smoothie with healthy fats will make your stomach full until the afternoon and prevent hunger pangs. 

  • Smoothies can still be sweet without the refined sugar 

We have already requested you to avoid adding sugar into the smoothie. Apart from fruits, you can even add natural sweeteners such as honey, vanilla extract, jaggery powder, cocoa or cinnamon. Make sure you add a pinch of any of these natural sweeteners and lose your extra inches with this weight-loss smoothie recipe. 

  • Add protein for lunch-based smoothies 

When planning for a lunch-based smoothie, add protein. It could be a spoonful of protein powder, or nut butter or cottage cheese or tofu. Your smoothie will convert into a protein booster and is a perfect lunch (as compared to that burger or a high-calorie recipe). 

  • Scour the internet for smoothie recipes 

Internet is an awesome resource to search for strawberry smoothie recipe in Australia and other fruit-veg recipes too. You can find more tips and tricks to make it healthy and relishing, suitable for grown-ups as well as kids. So, plan your breakfasts with the help of these smoothie tips and savour on them. 

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